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Good for you!❤️🌺


Weekly Guild of Deacons Southpark Uncanny Character Mashup because I evidently have an obsession with photoshop...

Heres Dean and Doc Kelly on a date in SodaSopa...with some creepy ginger kid lurking in the background...Awwwwww

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Lurking ginger kids are definitely dangerous.

Weekly Guild of Deacons Southpark Uncanny Character Mashup because its that time of the week...

Roy MacCawill, Stoner, and Cooper Rayfield at Jimbos Guns...they might be a redneck...

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Inaugural batch of the Petulant Pig Backyard Brewing Conglomerate with collaboration from the ginger beer yoda RoosterBragh Brewing Co. hahahahahahaha.... Petulant Pig!!!Image attachment

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Petulant Pig....what a great name....I bet the beer tastes even better.

I see u finally got good work out of Hans. Looking good guys.

Rooster looks so cute! Lilith.

That is all too funny!

I'll be there in 2 weeks to share 🍻

Think Ole Rooster will share this time?

Fantastic literary name for home brew🐖🐖🐖

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So heres the first of a new (and ridiculous) series of weekly posts Im calling the Guild of Deacons Southpark Uncanny Character Mashup featuring the characters for my novels in their Southpark form...

Why am I doing this??? Because... it friggn cracks me up... So, heres Dean, Rooster, and Owen Octavius Trask at Skeeters Bar...instant classic.Image attachment

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Oh, are definitely on to something here. Go for it !


Finally back to writing after the hurricane filled weekend in Florida...Without saying - Prayers and good wishes to all the good folks that werent as fortunate as we were in the northern part of the state.

As I sat down to pick up where I left off a few days ago...I figured it might be kinda cool to share the mad scribblings that outline my next book (blurred out to avoid any spoilers and hide my spelling errors...). Believe it or not...this diary of a madmanesque sketch will evolve into 300 pages of Rage of the Heavens in a few months and a lot of beer...

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You are amazing❤️🌺

Impressive Mr. MacGhil 👍

You are livin the dream brother!

Very cool indeed.

Love it!! Can't wait for book 3!!!

Very cool!! I've been working on story elements and how the plot events unfold with my students. I'd love to use this as a visual if you don't mind??

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Its pretty cool when your teenage kid knows how to create a website and can help you make changes to yours. #prouddad #smartkid #websitedesigner #thefuture #macghil #authorslife

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Very cook indeed. I bet he's highly compensated.

love that kid!!

He sure is talented!❤️🌺

Dean beyond the wall.... hahahahahaha #gingerkid

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Graphic novel or movie material❤️🌺

Does Dean also lust after Brienne of Tarth?

That's brilliant.....The Deacon go prime it.

My wife as the Night King.... hahahahahahahaha. Season 7 finale!!!!

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That is SO sherrie!

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Pretty sure I'll be cast for Season 8....

pics or it didn't happen.

Every author needs a trusty beagle by his side. #Lucytheofficeassistant #shesleepsallday

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She's for sale....

A glimpse into the top secret cosmic crypto combat information center of the infamous Deacon and his sidekick, Lucygiant, the wonder dog.

Or 2, right Diane Kozak?

I Love Lucy....and her author❤️🌺

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