Giant Skeletons – Real, fake, or somewhere in between…

  • June 29, 2015

giantskeleton-worth-1000There’s no shortage of pictures online depicting giant skeletal remains. In fact, these very pictures and their accounts were some of the main reasons why I decided on making the nephilim (the nephers!) the bad guys in the Guild of Deacons trilogy. I mean seriously – who the hell doesn’t think giants are cool? Am I right? Hells Yes, I’m right. Any who…I stumbled across an article on Blank Exit a few days ago and thought it was pretty awesome. The author (Chris from Blank Exit) tracked down some of the best pictures of giant skeletal remains and renders his own disposition with regard to their validity. The below excerpt is the beginning of the post. Click Here for the full article.

Brazil-Giant-SkeletonFor years now I have seen these giant human skeleton photos being passed around on the internet. I love these photos even though most are fake. Most of these photos have been created by or submitted to Worth1000′s photos are brilliant but also fake Photoshops. Common to see original watermarks on these photos stripped. It helps people write a great story about the photo when the original popular website name is nowhere to be found on them. Some of these stories are great, it’s easy to think they are true. Some people associate these photos with the biblical fallen angel giants called Nephilim. Not knowing most of these photos are actually fake. A few of the photos in this post are real. Fake or not though, the pictures are very entertaining and great for kids. Enjoy.